Minirin 0.1Mg / mL Nasal Spray

Minirin 0.1Mg / mL Nasal Spray contains 0.1 mg desmopressin acetate in 1 ml. 1 dose spray, 0.1 ml corresponds to 10 micrograms desmopressin acetate. MINIRIN® Nasal Spray; antidiuretic hormone (hormone that reduces the amount of urine) is included in the ADH group. MINIRIN® Nasal Spray is available in 2.5 ml or 6 ml in brown glass bottle packaging, which is sprayed with a manual dose pump without propellant gas.

Minirin 0.1Mg / mL Nasal Spray is used in the following cases:

Diabetes Insipidus (Central Diabetes insipidus), excessive thirst and continuous production of dilute urine in large volumes

IMPORTANT: This condition should not be confused with diabetes mellitus (diabetes mellitus and diabetes).

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